Dozens of areas of Kashmir Valley are suffering the worst due to the unscheduled frequent power cuts and in many places the power shutdown extends to over 15 hours a day. The public rage is intensifying with each passing day and many areas are continuously protesting with some observing shutdown. But the point is: do authorities care? This power crisis story is repeated every year in the valley soon after the Durbar gets shifted to winter capital Jammu – taking with it the electricity and leaving to lurch the Kashmiris who are facing a multitude of challenges and unresolved problems and disputes. The worst part is that while the electricity generated from Kashmir lights the country, the valley is left to fend for itself in harsh winters. This reveals the prevailing grim scenario of power in Kashmir in winters which are synonymous with miseries. The intensity of public anger and the pace of people’s protests against power development department give apprehensions that the situation may take ugly turn. It is high time the authorities step in to fulfill their responsibility of resolving the people’s grievances and put an end to the much irking power shutdowns lest the public anger assumes some violent or ugly turn.