The former chief minister Omar Abdullah rightly suggested to the Government of India’s interlocutor to Kashmir Dineshwar Sharma that if he stays inside guest house and keeps waiting for people then dialogue process won’t move forward. On one hand, the interlocutor reportedly said he is trying to meet separatists but on the other side, his words and actions don’t match. Though he has met scores of delegations from different walks of life, Wednesday’s meeting were much significant as it comprised the senior mainstream political leaders including the former CM. While Congress has said it would seek answers from Sharma about his mandate and the purpose of holding a dialogue, some other political parties have demanded the interlocutor’s “mission” be made public. It is unclear whether the Centre’s representative has come to Kashmir to deal with the law and order issue or to find a solution to the problem. Such roadmap by New Delhi is missing and is adding to the already created confusion regarding Dineshwar’s visit. Until or unless all the stakeholders whether they are from mainstream or from separatist camp are taken on board and meaningful dialogue held with them, this one more attempt by the Modi government at Centre is bound to fail and such process greatly affects the credibility of dialogue process. As asserted by one of the veteran politician, the peace in Valley can only result out of genuine and meaningful parleys. But we reiterate that not a single stakeholder should be missed which otherwise would render the whole process to “restore peace” in Kashmir a futile exercise. Lets’ hope the interlocutor makes his visit meaningful and his mission result-oriented so as to keep the candle of hope among people in the dialogue process alight.