While the former Vice President, Hamid Ansari received flak from some quarters across the nation for his remarks that there is a feeling of unease and a sense of insecurity among the Muslims in the country and that the “ambience of acceptance” is now under threat, he was in the same breath praised by the Prime Minister Narendra Modi who hailed Ansari’s contribution as the chairman of the Rajya Sabha by saying the former VP through his intellectual capability and skills maintained a delicate balance in the Upper House. Ansari had made the remarks on minorities in the backdrop of incidents of intolerance, cow vigilantism and comments made by some saffron outfits regarding the minority community. However, some supported him while others questioned his statement.  Back to PM’s praise on Ansari: Modi suggested him to write a book on how the functioning of the Rajya Sabha could be made more effective and the institution even more credible. Throughout his tenure as Vice President, Ansari has never been accused by anyone to be leaning towards any side of political spectrum and has discharged his duties in a very dignified manner and that is what prompted him to say that he is retiring satisfied. The point to note it that the statement by a person of the stature of Hamid Ansari instead of used as ground to criticise him should have be taken sincerely even though the government has time and again claimed that there was no fear among the Muslims in India. Such debates are vital for the functioning of a healthy democracy but should be discussed in a very professional way rather than resorting to slandering.