It sends shivers down our spine that a braid chopping incident took place in a broad daylight in a busy area in heart of the city center Maisuma, an, as expected, the whole area shut in minutes followed by fierce protests with some reports saying that even a police officer was about to get manhandled by angry youth. The protests then extended to civil lines. The Maisuma lane is known as one of the volatile areas of valley which witnesses protests and clashes between youth and government forces on almost every Friday after congregational prayers. It is also home to one of the senior-most separatist leader, the chairman of Jammu Kashmir Liberation Front (JKLF). The Monday’s incident has added to the fear and panic that has gripped the whole valley since last month as authorities are still unable to make any breakthrough into the case and ironically have called for narco tests and lie detection tests for the victims which has been opposed by people as well as separatist groups saying the move will further humiliate the victims. What adds to the people’s woes is that authorities have failed to bring a sense of security among them – the job which government is supposed to do. Contrary to it, the police has termed the matter as mass hysteria which in no way is helping in allaying the fears and concerns of masses. The sooner the administration manages to ensure a sense of security among masses, the better it is for all.