It has been three months that Jammu and Kashmir is without elected government. Even as there have been remarkable decision since by governor’s rule, the uncertainty on political front never augers well for the state. As pointed by former Chief Minister Omar Abdullah, the administration deals all issues through the prism of administration and as such the issues are best done politically by an elected government.

logoThe PDP-BJP coalition remains the most likely outcome from the Assembly. The framework of the common minimum programme that the two parties agreed to last March already exists and there is need for clarity.

The PDP has specific complaints about the NDA led government in New Delhi and the party believes that it was not delivering on development funds to the State sufficiently and within the time frame.  PDP is publically articulated various things and it wants “enabling environment” to build on late Mufti Mohammad Sayeed’s political ‘vision’ for the state.  The PDP has time and again sought tangible action on implementation of the “Agenda of Alliance” to create the enabling environment for ‘peace, economic development and prosperity’ of the state. No doubt, the last assembly poll verdict was atypical and the PDP maintains that the decision of forming a government in the State in coalition with BJP on the basis of a comprehensive ‘Agenda of Alliance’ was imperative.

Under these circumstances, the BJP needs to make a forward movement and in all fairness tell the erstwhile partner the means and ways to implement the ‘sacred’ document within the timeframe.

The things spelled out in the alliance document needs to be implemented and assurances made to each other without delay.  The Government of India needs to reciprocate PDPs demands otherwise party’s position has become complicated in striking an understanding to revive its alliance with the Bharatiya Janata Party.

The two must indicate definitively that their coalition is workable or otherwise say categorically that it is no longer possible. This should enable the Governor to explore government formation or look at the possibility of dissolving the Assembly. The uncertainty is not the answer to the problems which could be addressed politically.