Turn to e-system

There is a dire need for strengthening the online mechanism in the public distribution system in order to increase transparency and ensure smooth functioning of the department. The entire process, from allocation to distribution of essential commodities, along with monitoring should be done through online mechanism. The strengthening of the mechanism would automatically enhance transparency within the department and make the concerned more accountable. The present age is the age of technology where people do most of their things online. From banking to shopping, people are using online system and it becomes imperative for the department to bring change and strengthening online mechanism is a step towards that direction. The move would not only make the department more efficient in delivering its duties but with all details available online it would also keep its consumers informed. So, there is a need to start online distribution process at the earliest and the department should be replace orthodox manual distribution system with online system and for this concerned agencies need to expedite work. The concerned authorities should also complete work on Supply Chain Management software at the earliest.