The dangerous trend of threatening with violence threats and announcing rewards for physical harm is emerging across the country which is a matter of serious concern and needs to be tackled at the earliest with strict legislations. India is a democratic country – the largest in the world – and such culture is unacceptable as it also undermines the rule of law in the country. This threat trend has assumed pace following the controversy surrounding a Bollywood movie. Political leaders are announcing rewards for killing and burning of artists while protesting. To register protest is the essence of a viable democracy and dissent is vital part of it but this is not acceptable as such protests lack democratic manner. Nobody can physically obstruct others or give violent threats. Nobody can undermine the rule of law. Nobody has right to take laws into his/her own hands, and most importantly, nobody has the right to hurt the sentiments of others. In nutshell, nobody is above the law. Let’s hope good sense prevails and the trend fades away at the earliest. Authorities need to maintain zero tolerance against those propagating such vicious culture that is eating into the vitals of our peaceful co-existence and also poses risk to the democratic spirit of our nation.