To call magisterial probe into any civilian killing by government forces in Jammu Kashmir has assumed the status of no more than rhetoric. Such calls by authorities smack of hypocrisy and have lost relevance in the eyes of people given the past experience of about three decades. Most of such probes have not yielded any result and such enquiries, as people believe, are aimed at pacifying the mass anger. Worst part is that the cycle of killing and calling for probe has been continuing for decades, and it has become a routine process. The people’s loss of faith in such investigations is justified in the way that those at the helm of affairs have always failed to deliver justice to the victim(s). Either the government should be able to book the culprits whosoever it may be or refrain from playing with the sentiments of people. Moreover, ordering probe after probe without getting previous cases solved only erodes the credibility of state institutions and further deepens the trust deficit between people and government and further alienates the people particularly the youth. Whatever, the prevailing grim scenario (of violence) in valley is very unfortunate and, as the chief minister has remarked that both the civil society and government should work together to end this cycle of violence in the state.