The fourth estate targetted

As one of the daily newspapers continued to hit the market following ban on it by the government, the support, mainly from press fraternity of Kashmir, continues to pour in against the gag. The government had banned the daily citing its publication “can disturb peace”. The media fraternity has since the imposition of ban continued to hold protests with many veteran journalists termed the ban as “stain on the face of the policy makers”. Of course, it is the weakness in the public relations system of the government that local press has become victim. Either the government should shut all the Kashmir press or give them rights that a democracy and free press demands. It is not hidden from anyone that journalists from Kashmir are so much experienced in working in a difficult situation which many believe will enable them to work in any part of the world. Whatever, the ban on a newspaper without any prior notice is disgusting and condemnable. It is appreciable that journalist fraternity has exhibit unity against what they termed as “attack on the fourth pillar of democracy”.  Let’s hope that government will revokes the ban on the newspaper at the earliest.