While the water level in the Valley canals has drastically reduced due to continuous dry season, the river Jhelum has witnessed after many decades such decrease in water that at Sangam, it is just 6.5. Many places where there used to be heavy water-flow are dried up with people seen walking to cross what used to be a river. Even though there is no human hand behind it, the reduction in water level is a matter of serious concern. The authorities should have put in place the necessary arrangements to cope with such situation but nothing was done in this regard. After the floods wreaked havoc in 2014, the experts opined that the destruction wouldn’t have been a large-scale had dredging of Jhelum being done. Then on the directions of the chief minister, the dredging of the River was started but it is said the depth of the dredging hasn’t been made as per the requirement. Now as the water level in Jhelum is reducing with each passing day due to continuous dry season, the situation is likely to take a serious turn. The concerned department has exhibited a lackadaisical approach in this regard. The Zabarwan Hills, which used to be the source of thousands of crystal clear streams, now houses just 50; reason – the growing constructions and pollution in those water bodies. Given the grim scenario, if both people as well as authorities run away from shouldering their environmental responsibilities, the devastation is inevitable.