As Muslims are fasting in the holy month of Ramadhan, it needs to be taken utmost note of that one of the training effects of fasting on a person is that it discontinues the rule of habit and desires and frees the person from the slavery of sensual desires. The worst rule and most dangerous is the rule of bad habit and the slavery of desires. That person is free who is not a slave to any habit and who with his firm intentions has control over all of them. This type of freedom and spiritual perfection gives strength and necessitates the firm steps, which originate from fasting. It is once again an opportunity for us to awaken our emotions and sentiments and wealthy and well to do people among us should not be negligent towards the poor and destitute but should remember them and be concerned of their needs. That is the message of this holy month. This move reduces the gap between various classes of people and reminds them to fulfill the needs of the poor. This is the month when we show equality and unity, not just abstain from eating drinking, and some other things. Let’s utilize this great platform to gain self-control, piety, and humbleness.