The High Court of Jammu Kashmir recently expressed serious resentment over the lackadaisical approach of authorities towards the environmental conservation. It even expressed wonder that no steps were taken on the earlier given suggestions in this regard and warned of serious threat to state’s ecology if no measures are taken in this regard. Interestingly, a huge amount of funds are earmarked every year for the conservation of environment and securing and beautifying of natural scenic places of the valley but unfortunately the concerned departments are exhibiting apathetic and carelessness attitude in discharging their duties to utilise the funds in a judicious manner. Take an example of the world famous Dal Lake; despite spending huge amount of money on its conservation, the condition has not improved a bit. Same is the case with other departments. All the claims of the present political dispensation have fallen flat as it had pledged to maintain zero tolerance against corruption, nepotism and other unethical practices that are bane for the society and disintegrate it from roots. It is high time authorities keep a check on the both the functioning of the government departments and the spending of funds. Much patience has been exhibited by the people who now want an example of the good governance. Hope good sense prevails among the public servants.