M.Y. Mash-Hoor

Education institutions opened on 1st of March after a long winter vacation. Dedicated and devoted pedagogues celebrated the first day of the new academic session in line with the advisory issued by DESK through electronic and print media. This advisory was well in time. It gave many valuable tips and guide lines with regard to making schools places of interest and attraction- shunning all the hangovers and frustrations on the part of both the teacher and the taught.

After winter breakIn view of the message of the DESK, the public genuinely expected the builders of nation fully prepared to welcome the words. The public hoped that keeping the message and sense of duty in mind, the watch-dogs of the department would mean the session begun in the real sense of the word. They were supposed to leave their offices for a day, move out in their respective zones and hoot the information to higher ups. May that is done!

One such information came in from ZEO Kralapora, Kupwara. He visited certain schools and found eleven teachers absent. He placed them under suspension. He did his duty. He satisfied his conscience.

Appreciable one does not even like to believe that such a situation can arise. How come those at the very outset the architects of our future don’t decide to end their hibernation?

Just imagine the feelings of tender hearts finding their role models missing or their schools closed. Who doesn’t know that it is only a very small number of such members of the community who disappoint the society? OK! How can we forget that a single sinner sinks the boat? Watch-dogs have great responsibility. If they wake up, the department will flourish.

Honesty is the best policy. Why any compromises? Why to risk one’s own honour for the sake of those who are bent to deceive? Act now “Now” is the most important time. Get appreciations like the ZEO Kupwara, from the society at large.