In the society we live in, the materialism enjoys precedence over ethics and morality. This is an unfortunate trait that is slowly eating into the vitals of the very moral fabric of our social and moral consciousness. Take the example: the rights of senior citizens. Does one feel the need to give a though to it given the way we have shaped our surroundings. One thing to address this concern is if government starts awareness programmes on the rights and protection available to senior citizens by issuing frequent advertisements in mass media. This would prove a long way in the benefit of senior citizens in distress. Even a little bit of publicity in this regard can do wonders as the general masses are unaware of even their rights. Lets’ contribute in whatsoever way for the cause of the older persons and help in improving the quality of their life through whatever endeavours possible. This will surely gain us inner satisfaction as well as act as step towards social welfare. Though the initiative is a challenging task for government at national level, the mass awareness can help a long way in accomplishing the mission. Everyone from government to civil society to a common person has to make dedicated efforts to advocate for the rights of senior citizens in order to become not just good but the better citizens.