Shahid Majeed Mir

Woman, an inseparable part of humankind has every right to express herself morally and take part in various apposite aspects. While most of them get their chances, only a few make an appropriate use.

We consider woman as the chief advisor to man, because she can be the power and source behind his success; she can truly mend and shape up a person or at times a society. We too understand the vitality and piety character of women but what, if her suggestions are based on jealousy, immorality, irrationality and selfishness. Extravagant lifestyle has become a vogue, mostly because of women. Even men can be held responsible for different bad things, but woman is a special gift, her stature is something unimaginable. She is a pious pearl, bearing not only price value but affectionate heart, which is priceless. That is what compels me to write that women should do everything right and religiously allowed things. It may confine women participating radius, but it’ll surely extend their significance and vitality beyond circumference.

Every role that women play is centred on affectionate attachment. So, there can be no question of pestering them. Whoever has his conscience alive will never think of discriminating the women. An impartial mind will always do justice even if the heavens fall. The need is women themselves have to be original and polite in every aspect. Once they follow their actual path, none can ever stop them.

You are not only free to take your decisions, but you can guide others too. So don’t let your importance fall. Don’t indulge in wayward habits. Comprehend your role thoroughly and then act accordingly. Then taste the success.

Bottom line:

We have no right to trouble any creation of Allah. Think, women belong to Allah’s creation and respect all and get rewarded.

 The author is a resident of Tangcheck Lolab, Kupwara, a civil service aspirant