Rehabilitate the victims

The turmoil in Kashmir has given rise to tens of thousands of orphans, widows and war widows who are living in abject poverty and we haven’t seen any organized and result-oriented rehabilitation programmes for them and the neglect has left this class of our society disillusioned. There has been no funding for their rehabilitation for them. In the past we have seen prominent separatists launching fund raising drives to facilitate financial support to the legal battle against the death sentence of Kashmiris. Some of them did the similar exercise for victims whose houses were razed to ground during a gun fight between armed separatists and the troops. But they never did it for those children who lost their parents to the conflict; for those women who lost their husbands to gunshots and bomb blasts or disappeared; or for those who parents who are wandering to locate their disappeared children. Such scenes of misery and hardship are common in Kashmir. For thousands of orphans and widows, the world as they once knew it has come to a halt. Cut off from the rest of the society, these unfortunate souls are largely left to fend for themselves. Even as non-governmental organizations (NGOs) exist to address the plight of this section of society, not every widow, destitute or orphan is taken care of. Unfortunately funds are not properly utilized by some NGOs though their annual reports are updated. So, need of the hour is to take initiatives towards the rehabilitation of such victims of conflict.