With the commencement of the holy month of Ramadan, the government should arrange a fool proof mechanism to provide better amenities like electricity, drinking water and other essential commodities to the people throughout the month. As such, the officers should work in close coordination to ensure that the people do not face any inconvenience vis- a-vis the essentials during the holy month. Special care should be taken to ensure that electricity is provided to the people, especially during sehri and iftaar hours for which the power development department needs to properly rationalise the power supply so that the load shedding can be effectively minimised during the month. The public health engineering department officials should gear themselves to provide adequate supply of potable drinking water to the people who should not suffer on account of lesser availability of water. They should try to augment the water shortage by deploying water tankers to the areas which are facing acute shortage of water. The commissioners of the twin municipal corporations of Jammu and Srinagar should undertake a massive cleanliness and sanitation drives in the capital cities, especially around the religious places.