What are chameleons known for – changing their body color to blend in with the surrounding landscape! Though it is not surprising that politicians for their vested interests keep changing colours like chameleons but the case with some in this conflict zone of the world gives the real picture of how murky this field is and how low some leaders can stoop to in order to grab power. A veteran politician who throughout his life sought the blessings of New Delhi and has invested all his efforts till date to emerge as the most trustworthy chap is spitting venom against the Government of India when out of power. To assert that “persistent miscalculated approach” of New Delhi is responsible for the “worst kind” of turmoil in Valley shows the desperation that has made him cross all levels of ethics and morality as he himself was part of the political establishment for major part of his life. While in power, everything was ok, fine and justified; but being out of power has increased the desperation to the extent that cannot but be termed as worst kind of political opportunism. Such frequent changes in stances only add to the agonies of people and confusion. There is a danger as the politicians who frequently change beliefs like chameleons may one day forget what colour they are supposed to be in order to represent and advocate for the best interests of their constituents.