United Nations, Feb 7: Pakistan has again raised the Kashmir issue at the UN Security Council and accused it of “selectively” implementation its resolution on the matter.
Maleeha Lodhi, Pakistan’s Permanent Representative to the UN, sought periodic review of the implementation of the UN Security Council’s decades-old resolution on the issue
“Nothing undermines the credibility of the Council more than ‘selective’ implementation of its resolutions,” Lodhi said during an open debate of the Security Council on its working methods
“The Council should therefore periodically review implementation of its resolutions, especially on longstanding issues like the Jammu and Kashmir dispute,” she said
Her reference was to a 1948 Council resolution that called for a plebiscite to determine the future of Kashmir, while also demanding the withdrawal of Pakistani “tribesmen” who entered the state.
India has claimed that the “tribesmen” were Pakistani troops who tried to annex Kashmir.
India has previously stated could not hold hold a plebiscite and New Delhi maintains that by participating in the elections in the state the Kashmiri people have exercised their democratic rights integrating with India.
Other Council resolutions relating to Kashmir were about a commission to oversee the plebiscite and, in 1957, on a UN representative mediating between the two neighbours.
India claims that under the 1972 Simla Agreement signed by Prime Minister Indira Gandhi and Zulfikar Ali Bhutto, who was then the President of Pakistan, the two countries have agreed to sort out their disputes between themselves without the intervention of third parties.
She said the failure of the Council to enforce its own resolutions “undercuts not just the Council’s standing in the world, but the UN as well”
According to the top Pakistani diplomat, the best way to enhance the democratic and representative character of the Security Council is to reinforce this norm of accountability, and not to support any actions that threaten to undermine or reverse these ideals
The Council, she said, should be more transparent and balanced in the working of its subsidiary organs
Elected members should have a more equitable representation on these organs
India is opposed to any third-party intervention in resolving the Kashmir issue while Pakistan has continuously sought mediation to sort out the differences. Pakistan often raises the issue at various international platforms.