Gowhar Bashir   
Srinagar, June 23: The lynching of a police officer at Nowhatta on night of Shab-e-Qadr has netizens divided with many condemning it while others questioned his presence and motive of being in the historic mosque.
“Barbaric. Inhuman. The act of stoning a police officer, DySp Ayub Pandith, in Nowhatta is shocking. Must be strongly deplored,” posted Gowhar Geelani, journalist and commentator in his post on social media.
“In many pockets of mainland India, the dastardly acts like cow vigilantism, lynching humans on suspicion of eating or storing beef and beating people to death have social sanctity. Violators enjoy political ashirvad from a rightwing party, but this infection should stay away from Kashmir. Only two days back, Indian troops burnt bodies of three rebels in Pulwama and killed a protesting civilian in cold blood. Kashmir doesn’t need moral lessons from cow vigilantes, gau rakshaks and moblynching republic. At the same time, we must reflect deeply on yesterday’s unfortunate and dastardly incident,” he added.
Majid Malik, another nitizen said that if a police officer could be stoned to death, “what off all other common kashmiris?”
“How safe are kashmiris in kashmir from other kashmiris? Threat is not from forces or outsiders, but more from those who think they are Great and pious enough to play Judge Jury and Executioner to our own people on the power of being a mob or stone pelter or militant with a gun. So now how different are we from those we so condemn?” he said.
Farhaan Zargar said that last night he didn’t belong to police. “In the morning he has suddenly become a police officer . Something fishy …Was he sent to assassinate Mirwaiz!! Most probably so.”
Irfan Qayoom, one more netizen said: “what he (was) doing after salah there….taking picks of people whom he can them afterwords catch and arrest?”
“This is really unfortunate, But Police officer has own mistake to come in civil dress with pistol in this crowded place,” said Aijaz Baba.
Nadeem Kuchhai said as a kashmiri, he felt ashamed of himself with this horrible, unacceptable, terrible act by some goons..”may allah grant him place in a janaat ul firdous and may the ppl who lynched him burn in hell.”
Rayan Shah said: “How it is possible that an officer of the rank of Deputy Superintendent could roam free without any security guards, in one of the most volatile areas during night.”
Owais Shah, one more netizen said that different and confusing stories are coming up as he also fired and injured 3 people with bullets “but whatever happened is unacceptable for all Kashmir people as it was horrifying… we don’t have the culture to kill anyone here like this.”
PDP leader Tahir Syeed tried to strike emotional chord: “Daughter of lynched DySP Ayub Pandit doing MBBS in Bangladesh had reached home to celebrate Eid.”
“Lynching by mob not acceptable in Islam… whatever the reasons that is an inhuman act and anti-Islamic,” Bilal Syed, another cybersurfer said.