Friday Special

The point we need to note before understanding the importance of modesty in Islam is that it is for both male and female. Since Islam is a religion of nature, modesty has a very special place in it. So what is ‘Modesty’ in the context of Islam: it is freedom from vanity and showiness, it is decency and moderation in speech, manner, dress and total attitude and behaviour towards life. It is also shyness, simplicity and humility about our abilities and accomplishments. The sphere of Modesty in Islamic morality is so vast that it encompasses all aspects of human life. It is narrated by Abdullah bin Umar (RA) that (once) the Apostle of God (PBUIH) passed by an Ansari who, [at that time], was talking to his brother about modesty and admonishing him in that regard. The Prophet (PBUH), thereupon, said to him: “Leave him to his state, for modesty is a part (or fruit) of Faith.” (Buhkari and Muslim). It is related by Abdullah bin Umar that the Apostle of God (PBUH) said: “Modesty and Faith exist together, and when one of them goes out, the other, too, goes out.”(Baihaqi) It is related by Imran bin Husain that the Apostle of God (PBUH) said: “Modesty brings nothing but good.” (Bukhari and Muslim) Modesty prevents human beings from indulging into indecency and obscenity. If they commit sin under pressure of animal nature, it is modesty which makes them feel the pangs of conscience. If we lack modesty, desires will lay complete hold of us and we will not hesitate to indulge into any sin. Modesty is a strong moral deterrent against all evil inclinations. We are living in this so called free society, in which our Islamic standards of purity and modesty face the continual threat, and can easily be destroyed altogether, if we don’t adhere to, the important part of Islamic morality which is modesty.