Asks police and ‘forces’ not to replicate militants in ‘ransacking, burning peoples’ houses’; says police role ‘pivotal’ for reconciliation process started by Modi through envoy’s appointment 

Srinagar, Oct 25 (GNS): Chief Minister Mehbooba Mufti on Wednesday said that militancy can’t be won by killing militants but winning the hearts of people even as she “stressed” police and “our other forces” to maintain difference in their acts to those of militants.

Addressing the attestation cum passing out parade at Police Training School Manigam Ganderbal, She also listed non-corporation by those “who claim to be victims of braid chopping” as a major challenge to the police even as she hailed Prime Minister Naredra Modi for appointing interlocutor with status of cabinet secretary.

“You should never lose morale. You see thousands of youth turn up for police recruitment but when militant wears your uniform to copy you, wears commando uniform but it does not turn them like you, law abiding and law protectors,” she said, adding, “They undoubtedly wear uniform like you do. They wield the gun as you do but there should be lot of difference between you and them. You are protectors of the life and property of the people and they do opposite of it.”

Wherever possible, she said police shall make a local militant to surrender, “during encounter or prior to it.”

“I will give double the reward you get for killing him. I have time and again said that it is easier to kill a militant rather than kill the militancy and if you want to wipe out militancy, you have to take people along. You have to win hearts of people. If you think that you can win over militancy by displeasing killing four, eight, fifty militants, it is not going to happen,” she said.

Mehbooba said hailed the new recruits as “best lot of jawans as there was no political or administrative interference” in recruitment.

“I want to congratulate you that you are going into the field in a situation where our NDA government led by Mr Narendra Modi has started reconciliation process. An interlocutor has been appointed. To make the reconciliation, this dialogue process successful police have a pivotal role to play.   You will fight militancy, you will fight militant but if you have eradicate militancy you have to play a very positive role,” Mehbboba according to news agency GNS said, adding, “You are law enforcers but you have to follow law yourself. We should not reciprocate what militants do. Our security forces and army has done a wonderful job but as far as maintaining law and order in Jammu and Kashmir is concerned, they can’t substitute to you. You have to see it yourself.”

In last one year, she said many of policemen and army men were killed. “How many should I name? Lt Umar, Feroz, Ayoub, many others..our sons, our brothers attained martyrdom but I am glad that police did not lose patience. There were numerous attacks on our workers. Our worker was killed and day later his house was burnt down,” she said, adding, “But I want to stress that there should be difference in acts of militants and ours. Militants came and kill our workers, martyr our policemen and then they do ransacking and burn houses which they have done recently but our forces, may it be police or security forces, should not do the same. We are a law abiding as well as law upholders and as such I shouldn’t come across any compliant that if militant escapes or militants carry ransacking that we have to also ransack houses of people.”

He said if such things happen, than “the huge step taken by our Prime Minister by not only nominating the interlocutor but also granted him rank of cabinet secretary.”

“This has never happened in the past. Numerous interlocutors were appointed who held talks but never ever they were conferred such rank and this means that 1.20 crores people, most of whom gave mandate to Mr Modi, want to get people of Jammu and Kashmir out of miseries and troubles. This is why doors of dialogue have been opened and to create conducive atmosphere, your role is very important. Challenges are a plenty. There is no doubt, challenges are at every step. Militancy is a challenge but it’s not the solitary one.”

Earlier, she said that if violence happens, huge crowd of people would come for rescue but “opposite is happening.” “Now crowd of people gather for pounding. We saw, many incidents of braid chopping. It started from Rajasthan, then it happen in UP, Haryana and in Punjab. Thousands of cases happened but I don’t know whether FIRs were registered in all cases but our report suggests that FIRs were not registered in thousands but when it started to happen in Jammu and Kashmir, may it be Rajouri, Jammu, Poonch or Kashmir Valley, we registered FIR in all cases. Unfortunately, mobs of people took law in own hands and started to beat innocent people. This is another challenge to you as to who to reach to the root of the matter,” she said, adding, “Now, more rumours are floated than what happens in reality. Recently, a person from Anantnag whose fingers got cut in Saudi Arabia five years ago, bandaged the fingers and cut hair to claim that his fingers and hair were cut. Likewise, people don’t cooperate with police investigation. When blood samples are sought from people, if we have to effect of spray which you (women) claim to be sprinkled with, they run away. This is another challenge.”

In braid chopping, she said, people “spread rumours, add fuel to fire.”

“There are people who always look for excuses to spoil the situation. Such people are to be identified and strict action taken against them. Also there is need to identify those who are behind braid chopping and motives behind it.” (GNS)