Why transgenders continue to be marginalised even in this age of reason? The discrimination the transgender community faces in the society needs to be given a thorough thought as one doesn’t deserve to be victimised for the “fault” not committed. A brave initiative has been taken by a renowned activist and scholar Aijaz Ahmad Bund whose book ‘Hijras of Kashmir – A Marginalized Form of Personhood’ was released here by Kashmir Women’s Collective (KWC). The book is a collection of 24 in-depth interviews of transgenders done by Bund to narrate their heart-wrenching and painful tale of victimization and disregard in the society. It is also the first ever study about the transgender community of the valley that reflects their socio-economic status. The transgenders during the book release function rued the apathetic attitude the successive governments have had towards them by not doing anything needful. Why government is negligent towards their issues? As per the author, several transgenders are suffering from depression, stress and other mental issues and he while interviewing he has come to know several transgender community members have attempted to commit suicide. The point to ponder over is when God has given them they have every right to live with dignity and honour. Rightly did the valley’s prominent historian and satirist Zareef Ahmad Zareef, who was also present on the occasion, said: “During my childhood, no one would dare to say anything to them (trannsgenders) because it was believed that if you break the hearts of transgender they will curse you and God will listen to the curse right away as they question God about themselves.”