With government declaring that rupees 66.61 crore have been spent on repair of 24334 transformers damaged/burnt during the last two years across the State including 13409 in Kashmir, 10685 in Jammu and 240 in Ladakh region, the MLAs should take a review to ensure the unscheduled power cuts in their respective constituencies and urge the government to streamline the electricity supply. We are well aware that the major cause of damage of the power transformers is excessive load by consumers but the department should make efforts to check excess/unauthorized use of load and power theft by the consumers as the enforcement squads are conducting frequent inspections. As per government, 2055 transformers have been installed across the State including 849 in Kashmir, 1171 in Jammu and 35 in Ladakh but measures should need to be initiated to improve it and concerted efforts should be made to improve the overall power scenario in the State for which several long term measures have been taken. Consumers also should make judicious use of the electricity and avoid the indiscriminate use of gadgets, especially during the peak hours in violation of agreed load leads to the breakdown of system.