The Line of Control is again heated up – skirmishes between the armies of India and Pakistan have resumed with killing of few soldiers on both sides. And the blame game continues. So how far will it continue. What is clear is that the escalation of tensions at border takes a serious toll on the people living on both who lose their lives and properties and live under a perpetual threat. In the past, numerous innocent lives on both sides of the Line of Control have been consumed by shelling and this border flare-up is casting a shadow of war in the entire South Asia which can engulf the entire region and lead to huge destruction in the form of a catastrophe. What is needed, as is time and again propounded, is that the leadership of both countries must accept the ground realities and play their part in preventing the region from the holocaust of war which can lead to mass destruction. Given that the Kashmir is a nuclear flashpoint, the leadership and all the political parties of both countries must rise to contribute in resolving the dispute which is the bone of contention between the two nuclear neighbouring nations. Without this, peace is not possible. It is high time to gauge the magnitude of the hazards of the possible war and exhibit seriousness in taking the initiative in the form of concrete steps. There is no option but to prevent the large-scale destruction.