Says SEGC recommendations made 6 months ago implemented in Jammu, delayed in Kashmir
Srinagar, Oct 11: Almost six months after government announced 10 percent hike in their remuneration, MGNREGA contractual staff from Kashmir continues to wait its implementation even as their Jammu counterparts have been already granted the benefit.
In share discrimination with the MGNREGA contractual staff from Kashmir, their counterparts from Jammu enjoy several other benefits like border, CC and travel allowances.
“We are not against implementation of recommendations of the 5th State Employment Guarantee Council (SEGC) meeting in Jammu but we want know why it has been denied to staff working in Kashmir,” Shahnawaz Hussain, chairman Engineers Association told GNS.
“Is it not the share discrimination? They are paid border, CC and travel allowances and in Kashmir division it’s paid in Leh and Kargil only while all districts in Valley are denied it,” he said.
Hussain said the SEGC meeting besides hike in remuneration had also recommended move allowance to the contractual staff working in the MGNREGA at administrative level to be paid equal to the move allowance being paid to the regular employees; House Rent to be paid to the contractual staff working in MGNREGA administrative level and the monthly emolument of MGNREGA staff working at GP, Block, District, Divisional and State level to be enhanced every year at a rate at which wage rate is enhanced.
 “Not only the declaration made in the SEGC meeting, all the announcements made from time to time by the Minister for Rural Development and Panchayati Raj have not been implemented,” Hussain, adding, “It seems that there are officers in Kashmir Valley who are working against the interests of contractual staff who continue to toil hard in the field for the success of various schemes.”
While minister’s announcement is final and administration bound by law to implement them, Hussain said: “the officers in Kashmir continue to ensure that announcements made by the minister are not implemented on the ground. Such officers are a threat to democratic institutions in Valley. We request the minister to look into it and see why the decisions are not implemented on the ground.”
Referring to SSA, he said that even as it is also a central sponsored scheme, the engineering and other staff draw honourable remuneration. “Our department need to a follow the suit,” he said.