Looking at media these days one only falls into pessimism as everywhere on social media, there is nothing nice and good and all we see is hate and anger. The world is filled with so much hate that we pray to God to show us love and tolerance. It is quite painful to see the racial and religious hate everywhere; very few seem to have come in this world on a mission to spread love. Everyone is caught in a web of materialism and quagmire of confusion and chaos. Killings, hate crimes, mutual rivalries, both among people and states, and anti-social deeds are ruling the roost in our society and one even hates to read news. Why don’t we get out from this mess and why can’t we love the people around us and why must one race oppress the other? What is needed is introspection. Our problem is far deeper and within ourselves; within our own hearts and minds. We have to pray to God to take away our selfishness, pride, and greed and replace them with His love and mercy. Let better sense prevail among the humankind and let’s spread love not hate. That would be our good contribution to the society.