The increasing hyper nationalism that we witness in the country is a matter of concern as national ego is curbing the voice of dissent. Our country is a polity at war with itself as emotional integration among people has lost its strength. Insurgencies have marred the countries and there is a need to end those. A democracy should not be judged by institutions in the system but by the extent to which different voices from diverse sections are heard. Our Parliament is also increasingly becoming ineffective in eyeing on the government’s works. So, given the challenged posed to our nation, we need to put our efforts at every possible level to protect the pluralism and secularism of our country and this can start at grassroots and at individual level as part of one’s consciousness and responsibility as a citizen. The judiciary should also fulfil its custodial responsibilities and ensure the Constitution and the law fairly applies to all in getting equality of status and opportunity. The nation is facing a tough time recognising the discourse about nationalism and free expression and the government should commit itself to respect the opposite views of intellectuals, students and activists; therein lies the true spirit of democracy.