It is high time that the central government reins in the cow vigilantes who are increasingly pushing the country to the chaos and violence. Each day, we are disheartened to see people lynched in the name of eating beef while a new report by IndiaSpend came to fore which has highlighted some shocking facts that hint at the scale of the trouble. It claims 86 percent of those who died in incidents related to cow protectionism are Muslims and that more than half of these attacks were based on rumours. Though the latest lynching incident of Junaid Khan caught government’s attention with union minister M Venkaiah Naidu saying that any incident of such nature is condemnable, brutal and atrocious; there is a need to pledge an end to such mob violence otherwise the pace at which such incidents take place indicates that the very democratic fabric of India is at peril. The sooner the government reins in the cow protectionists the better it would be for all.