The unsympathetic and negligent attitude of the government towards the contingent paid workers of the education department is both uncalled and irresponsible act on latter’s part as many of these workers are reportedly been working between rupees 25 to 100 per month. Now, as they gave vent to their anger by varying out a protest demonstration in city, the government should immediately redress their demands and implement the long awaited Minimum Wages Act constituted by it. This has come even after the High Court has passed directions in their favour and the divisional commissioner ordered for immediate implementation of their demands but unfortunately to no avail. Even a parliamentary committee in 2012 has said that the minimum wages will be rupees 15000 but one fails to understand as to why the state government is unwilling to take any decision in this regard. These workers have been delivering their services for a meager pay that too from the last 20 years and the government is duty bound to look into their demands.