Qayoom Khan

Srinagar, June 16 (GNS): Threatening to continue ‘intense’ attacks, a top Hizbul Mujahideen commander has asked J&K police personnel and officials of civil departments to support militants by following path of deserter-cops-turned militants “in order to save themselves from destruction”.

Hizb Divisional Commander, Yasin Yatoo in a video message released on social networking sites said the “Jihad is the only solution to India and its local henchman” and warned that “intense militant attacks against government forces will continue in future as well”.

Addressing the policemen and officials of civil departments, Yatoo said: “We want to tell the Jammu and Kashmir Police personnel including officers who are working with it and also to employees of other civil departments who fulfill Indian designs to follow the path of brother Naseer and brother Naveed and support militants in order to save their world(ly) life and hereafter from destruction.”

Naseer and Naveed deserted ranks of police along with service rifles and joined Hizbul Mujahideen. While Naseer, who deserted the ranks in March 2015, was killed in April 2016, Naveed only last month fled to join Hizbul Mujahideen along with four rifles. Both were working as constables in the police department and hail from Pulwama and Shopian respectively.

The Hizbul Mujahideen commander said the militants in Kashmir are united and claimed that Indian agencies as part of their conspiracies are trying to divide nation on the pretext of different slogans. He asked the people to remain vigilant and foil designs of Indian agencies.

In the video, Yatoo can be seen sitting on a chair in front of a table while two armed militants are standing on his either sides. These two militants have been identified as Saddam Paddar, one of the most wanted militants in southern Kashmir, and Hafiz Adil. An assault rifle and a book can be seen in front of Yatoo on a table. All the militants have donned military fatigues.

Apparently referring to recent serial attacks, the Hizbul Mujahideen commander said: “We congratulate all our associates who successfully carried out attacks against Indian army and Indian police and God willing these attacks will continue with more intensity.”

Yatoo also hails stone-pelters and students of colleges, schools and varsities for their “resilience and courage” and urged them to continue their struggle in organized way. He also called on people to “join Jihad by acquiring any available weapon” against “Indian imperialism”. The Hizb commander warned extortionists of dire consequences if they continue to seek money from people in the name of militants.

He said: “We don’t money and wealth of nation. We need prayers.” Vowing to continue struggle, the Hizb commander added: “Sooner the Jammu and Kashmir will witness dawn of freedom and chant of Tawheed (Allah’s oneness) will reverberate on this territory.” (GNS)