Healing touch needed

To give a healing touch to the people of the Valley who have been swayed by the conflict, the government should work with the resolve to accomplish the agenda of peace, harmony and development for the State. All of us need to put in our best efforts for the betterment of the State with sincerity, seriousness and honesty and reach out to the people and provide them the much-needed relief. High on the agenda of the government should be the focus on development, good governance, transparency and corruption-free administration with much stress be laid on greater coordination between departments and speedy delivery of services. Also, various initiatives must be taken for the holistic development in all the three regions of the State and to compensate for the lost time for development in the Kashmir valley. All the bottlenecks in procedural formalities should be removed and hassle-free processes be started. Moreover, better implementation of various welfare schemes launched under the State sector and centrally sponsored schemes should be taken utmost care of.