Srinagar, Oct 19: The state government has asked all the administrative secretaries to furnish progress made regarding the revision of recruitment rules in the Jammu and Kashmir.
The recruitment rules were ordered to be revised as a follow up to finance minister’s speech duing last budget session. The minister, Dr Haseeb Drabu had underlined that the Recruitment Rules for Government Servants at all levels need urgent revision as most of them were framed several decades back and have lost relevance in the context of today’s youth’s educational attainment, as well as emerging job requirements.
“I announce the intention of the Government to a complete revision of all Recruitment Rules within one financial year so as to synchronize job requirements with commensurate educational qualifications. With a view to enhance the dignity of work, increase the morale of workforce, inspire a change in work culture and motivate to enhance the skills and go up the chain, I announce the government intent to change the nomenclature of the Government employees at lower levels,” Drabu had said, adding, “These names are relics of a colonial rule with a feudal mindset.”
Further, following the government of India’s nomenclature, Drabu had announced decision of the government to change the “class” categorization for specifying the seniority of employees with alphabetical groupings. “While it is currently being classified as I, III, III and IV group services, it will be changed into A, B, C and D.
A government order said that all the departments had carried out the revision of the Recruitment Rules on these lines during the current financial year.