Reforming the public distribution system by digitising it in order to bring transparency in the department would indeed be a giant leap in introducing digitisation in its functioning. This is a major achievement and a significant step towards the streamlining of the functioning of CAPD. The installation of the point of sale machines in all fair price shops and ration depots across the state would bring complete transparency as the machines are connected to a server that uploads every transaction on the portal and can be monitored in any part of the country anytime. So, there is no space for any malpractice in the system and the government should now look forward to introduce smart cards for the distribution of ration among the consumers which will go down in history as the revolutionary step in making the system transparent and accountable. A step towards realisation of the ‘Digital India’ dream, the move will definitely keep a check on the black marketing and the customers will get their due right. Indeed, a step worth lauding.