The government’s new order that bans employees from posting anything critical about the administration even on their private social media accounts has evoked strong resentment from all walks of life. ‘No government employee shall engage in any criminal, dishonest, immoral or notoriously disgraceful conduct that may be prejudicial to the government on the social media,” reads the order issued by the commissioner secretary of the general administration department. Subsequently, it adds that conduct rules prescribe punishment ranging from a fine of one month’s salary to dismissal from service. The diktat has been termed as dictatorial, draconian, despotic, ridiculous, obnoxious, and an attack on the fundamental rights of speech and expression. No sane person can object to the above mentioned adjectives as the order aims to defame and vilify lakhs of hardworking government employees who have rendered exemplary services in the face of great adversity and constitute the backbone of the government system. The government employees are an educated lot and important opinion makers of our society and choking their voice by issuing such gags is unacceptable. The gag is clearly against the fundamental rights of the citizens and muzzles the freedom of speech and expression of an individual guaranteed under a democratic set-up. This vilification and victimisation of government employees has to stop otherwise it would prove detrimental to the government machinery itself in the long run.