There should be strict implementation of Standard Operating Procedure (SoP) in all the health institutions including tertiary-care centers across the State while writing the patients’ medical prescriptions. The doctors should write only genuine and necessary medicines to the patients visiting the government hospitals, preferably those available in the government supply as the reports are still pouring about unnecessary/substandard medicines being prescribed by the doctors to mint commission and give benefits to some particular companies. Strong cognizance must be taken of this unethical trend seriously and all those indulging in this unhealthy and unholy practice should be issued strict warning to mend ways otherwise and the should be strict action against them. The formulation of a joint committee of senior Heads of Departments/experts both from Kashmir and Jammu is required to suggest ways and means for strict implementation of SoP to save the poor patients from the burden of unnecessary expenditure on purchase of medicines from the market. Much emphasis should be laid on speeding up the process of digitization of record in all wings of the department to ensure complete transparency in the functioning. The concerned HoDs are expected to personally monitor the progress of this important component as is envisaged by the Government of India to ensure complete transparency and accountability in the functioning of the institutions.