Srinagar, Oct 27: Stone Quarry workers and Stone cutters due to their nature of work have a dangerous life, a defence spokesman in a statement issued here said.
The stone quarries in and around SK Bala witness regular injuries. The Army, understanding the plight of these workers, planned for a first aid class for these quarry workers on 26 Oct 2017. The first aid class was conducted by the Army Doctors who initially interacted with the workers in their work area and made them understand about their working conditions and the dangers involved in it. Further classes were conducted to make workers realise that by remaining calm and with the correct knowledge at the time of accident, anyone can save a life. Some basic first aid techniques were demonstrated and taught to the labourers such as CPR, securing an injury, application of splint etc. The workers were taught the importance of golden hour and how to stabilise an injured patient and make him fit for travel. The workers were thankful to the Army to make them aware about such life saving measures.