With the process of Durbar move of the government of Jammu Kashmir having started, the Power Development Department issued power curtailment schedule. There is much time for the arrival of Chillai Kalan and it is hard to say as to how many hours of power supply the people of valley would receive this winter. With the arrival of every winter, the prolonged and unscheduled power cuts add to the miseries of people and every year, authorities assure of better power supply but the situation instead worsens. The gap between demand and supply is going from bad to worse, yet the government chooses to evade this fact by announcing curtailment schedules every winter. Ironically, this power curtailment is taking place at a time when the people of Kashmir need it most. People have also adopted the lifestyle that mostly depends upon the electricity – in keeping rooms warm and indispensability of geysers in our homes, to mention a few. The successive governments have failed to come up to people’s expectations in this regard and Kashmiris have to listen to the same old story every year. The people of Kashmir need government’s maximum attention in mitigation of their sufferings. The demand of uninterrupted power supply is not for any luxury but the basic need which the administration is duty bound to provide. It is shameful that we have to live amid power curtailments even in the age where electricity has become an indispensable part of our daily lives. Hope good sense prevails among those at the helm of affairs.