Sajad Bashir

Srinagar, Oct 23: Drug abuse has been a major cause of concern in the valley and has been taking its toll on the young generation in recent times, a defence spokesman in a statement issued here said.

The Army in conjunction with Drug De-Addiction Centre organised a Drug De-Addiction seminar at ‘Sherwani Community Hall’, Baramulla on 21 Oct 2017, he said.

The Drug De-Addiction Centre, Baramulla, has been continuously striving to make the region drug free. Since April 2014 more than seventy Drug De – addiction seminars have been organized by the centre in various schools and colleges in and around the town, he said.

The seminar was attended by the eminent personalities of Baramulla – Dy CMO, Chief Education Officer and Mr Mir Mushtaq, to name a few with over 200 youths from the Baramulla town and adjoining areas, he said.

The seminar commenced with a welcome address by the Officer-in-Charge, Drug-Deaddiction Centre followed by talk on mental health and drug abuse by the counsellors. A special talk was given by Maulvi Barkatulla to warn the youth about the ill effects of Drug. A talk was also delivered by Dr Mansoor, Psychiatrist, District Hospital, Baramulla, on drug abuse and importance of reaching out for timely medical and professional help, he said.

The Army has made consistent efforts to control this menace. The seminar was aimed at reaching out to the masses and help the youth to know about the ill effects of drugs, he said.