The expectant mothers are urged to get flu shots as this is the best way pregnant women can protect their unborn babies. The experts have suggested that flu vaccine in pregnancy saves infants from dying in the womb. The study has discovered that flu shots during pregnancy guard against stillbirths when a baby dies in the womb. In a retrospective cohort analysis of nearly 60,000 births, flu vaccination was associated with 51% reduction in stillbirths. During the 2009 swine flu pandemic, similar reduction in stillbirths were seen following vaccination. While worldwide 3 million babies die in the womb each year, in Kashmir 1,052 stillbirths were recorded in past 3 years at Lal Ded hospital alone. Mother’s flu shot protects her baby for up to 6 months after he/she is born. This is important because babies younger than 6 months can’t get vaccinated. The risk of premature labor and delivery increases when pregnant women catch the flu and there is a greater chance of their babies having birth defects. Women are about six times more likely to die if they get flu while pregnant. The easiest way for pregnant women to protect themselves, their developing babies and their newborn babies is by way of a simple flu jab. Unfortunately, majority of the pregnant women in Kashmir go unvaccinated, missing out these benefits. The power of vaccination in pregnancy is a message that should be broadcast far and wide.