To argue that the sale of liquor must be allowed in at some places in Kashmir to woo tourists cannot but be termed as ridiculous due to several reasons. The Valley being the Muslim majority place has no reason to allow what their religion has termed as the root of all evils. Also how can one guarantee that the wine if served at only few tourist spots will not have its effects on the natives? Kashmir is described as the Valley of Saints and those suggesting such proposals need to be cognisant of the fact that this cannot be at any cost let happen. The alcohol without any second thought must be banned in the Valley. The other reason is that the move, if undertaken, will evoke vehement opposition from masses whose religious sentiments are bound to get hurt. Why just religious, it will face mass boycott at social level also. To fiddle with the prevailing majority sentiments is tantamount to unnecessarily inviting people to streets for one more mass uprising. The simple reply to those calling for alcohol in Valley is to stop inviting trouble in the already troubled region. The alcohol must be banned and no further discussion should be held in this regard.