The ruling coalition PDP-BJP’s Agenda of Alliance (AoA) has mentioned of facilitating talks between the stakeholders with chief minister Mehbooba Mufti time and again stressing that dialogue is the only way to resolve Kashmir. She even termed the dialogue as the manifesto of her party since its inception and has always justified her stand by saying that war is never a solution to any issue. Apart from dialogue, what the chief minister is vocal about is her often invoking of the democracy which, in her view, has kept the nation alive. She even once termed the strangulating of democracy as the main reason for bloodshed in the state. Come to her alliance partners; though they second her thoughts but have their own interpretation of looking into the things. Dialogue for BJP is conditional and limited. They don’t acknowledge that every entity a stakeholder as viewed by PDP. There are no talks with separatists and as far as Pakistan is concerned, the talks start and end on ‘stopping the cross border terrorism’. While chief minister is in favour of forgetting the past and taking fresh efforts to resolve the issues, BJP is adamant on towing the same lines. Now, the deputy chief minister Dr Nirmal Singh has maintained that those who want to talk should come forward and dissociate themselves from violence. Though he has a valid point, the question is how could the AoA be taken forward and accomplished if such contradictions continue even after the completion of three years of the coalition. Can any of the two partners explain it and make it explicit to people the whole coalition mantra? The people deserve to get answers.