logoConsumer Disputes Redressal Commission is defunct and no measures have been taken hitherto by the government to appoint its president after Justice (retd) B AKirmani was appointed as member of the State Accountability Commission. One of the members of the commission also completed term on January 11 and is yet to be replaced despite elapsing of nearly three months. The executive wing of the government is duty bound to provide redressal mechanism to the people and the litigant public cannot be left without it.

The inaction on part of the state government in not supplying the vacancies, as observed by the high court recently, is tantamount to denial of the justice to the people of the state.

Besides other, there are around 1200 cases pertaining to the flood sufferers before the commission alone.

Interestingly, the Commission has been designated as the State Food Commission under National Food Security Act (NFSA) by the state government.

The ultimate purpose of the commission is to protect the interests of consumers from exploitation.

For instance, if a consumer feels to have been given a raw deal, he or she has the right to knock at the consumer court and seek justice but it’s regrettable that government has failed to fill the vacancies so far.  In other words, the government is least bothered about public grievances. The vacancies of the Chairman and member of the Commission have to be filled through the recommendations of selection panel as stipulated in such cases.

Taking a strong view, a division bench of the high court has directed it through chief secretary to fill up the vacancies within three weeks. While the government is duty bound under law to implement the court’s directions, it not desirable on part of the administration to leave the decision for the court to decide at the first place. The salary of the government functionaries comes from public money through taxes, paid after hard toil. But what is at display is a complete uncaring attitude of these functionaries to the grievance of the public.

In fact, there is a growing tendency among the administrative functionaries to absolutely shun their responsibilities. In black and white, it is bad governance. Under such circumstance, there should be measures in place to ensure that all the commissions are functional all throughout the year and whenever there is any vacancy; it should be filled up before the incumbent retires or vacates the post due to any reason.