Srinagar, Oct 08: Doctors Association Kashmir (DAK) on Sunday condemned in strong words thrashing of a doctor by a politician at Sub-district hospital Charar-e-Sharief.
Expressing outrage, President DAK Dr Nisar ul Hassan in a statement said this brute act of hooliganism against medical staff is unacceptable.
“Yesterday, Dr Zakir Gillani was physically assaulted by a district president of a political party when the doctor was discharging his emergency duties in the hospital,” added the statement.
“At around 6.40 pm, the politician along with his security guards barged into the duty room of the doctor who was attending a sick patient and started abusing and thrashing him.”
“The doctor was beaten in front of  patients and was even threatened for life.”
Dr Hassan said it is shameful that people who are supposed to defend and protect citizens have become goons.
“They instead of upholding law are breaking and abusing it,” he added.
He said it is shocking to see doctors being beaten while trying to save emergency patients.
“Doctors put in their blood and sweat to save lives in extremely difficult conditions and instead of appreciation they get thrashing,” he said
Voicing serious concern Dr Hassan said this mad pattern of atrocities against medical staff has become a routine and doctors face intimidation on regular basis.
“These episodes have generated a fear-psychosis among medical staff and they find it difficult to work under such hostile conditions,” he said adding that this atrocious attitude towards doctors has forced many doctors to migrate and this is the main reason for brain drain.
“Hospital authorities have failed to ensure safety and security of doctors and paramedical staff at health institutions,” said Dr Hassan