The state of affairs of education system in far flung rural areas of Jammu Kashmir is such that schools remain shut for days altogether and teachers, who are supposed to fulfill their responsibilities by making the personality development of the students, are extremely incognizant towards their duties. Many media reports have come to fore that substantiate the claims that teachers in far flung areas are taking the educational institutions for granted. As the matter concerns the future of our children, no sane person can compromise over the lackadaisical attitude of teachers who are known to be the ‘nation builders’. The government needs to crack whip on such monsters in the guise of teachers who have stooped to such low of playing with the career of students. Authorities in these areas are equally responsible for such negligence by teachers as they have failed to put a check on the proper functioning of the educational institutes. If such condition continues, one is left with no doubt that the future of children in rural areas would be bleak. Our state is progressing on educational front and the government shouldn’t let such negligence in the educational system go unchecked and must crack a whip on those responsible in bringing any kind of shame to the department or play with the career of students. There should be zero tolerance against such unfortunate acts and incidents. The teachers need to realise their responsibilities and show keenness in making schools as the centres of excellence. We believe that peace, prosperity and development is directly linked to what is being taught in the schools so teacher should show their zeal and zest by making their schools vibrant in terms of academic and co-curricular activities. All the officers should go for gap analysis in their respective wings of the department and come up with proposals to revamp the whole educational sector in the state.