The direction of the Jammu and Kashmir High Court to the State Pollution Control Board to take all measures to ensure that the directions passed by the court for bringing down the noise pollution are complied with in letter and spirit is a pro-bono publico step. The court also said the requisite steps taken in this behalf shall be highlighted in the next status report. The move has come after the silence zones of Srinagar City have been found to be above permissible limits at all stations mostly outside hospitals with situation reported worse near SMHS hospital. Not just hospitals, noise pollution was found above permissible limits near even the high court. The court’s direction was much awaited and has brought a sigh of relief to the public. The issue of the menace of noise pollution if left unattended becomes the norm and then the areas surrounding a hub of noise pollution will often start to get noisier and noisier themselves leading to its wide spread. Then it becomes harder to find a quiet place. It is necessary to control noise pollution and create mass awareness through all possible mediums. Let’s start from ourselves to do this job and the government must also take steps to reduce noise pollution in the better interest of one and all.