To safeguard the interests of consumers across the State, the government should work under a well knit mechanism and the person holding such a responsible position has to ensure that instead of looking for fulfilling the interests of a particular individual, he should see things in totality. All those at the helm of affairs are responsible to ensure that the rights of general public, especially consumers in particular are safeguarded. Moreover, any legislation would serve and help consumers in a better way and it should be implemented at an earliest and in letter and spirit. Take an example, sometimes a decision of a minister could also affect his own business, but that should not act as a deterrent to take a step which would help in the overall benefit of the consumers and development of the State. The government should initiate a series of steps to strengthen consumer protection mechanism in the State, and establish and strengthen the State and district consumer forms. Besides more effective step including bringing consumer friendly legislations should be taken to make these forums more effective. The aim should be to bring new comprehensive legislations is to address various issues including timely delivery of justice and emphasis has been made to ensure simplicity, speed, access and affordability of basic services to consumers of the state.