In her meeting with the delegation from Muzaffarbad, Pakistan administered Kashmir, the chief minister Mehbooba Mufti said it is her mission to connect people and as such stressed on the need for opening more historic routes along LoC to facilitate people’s movement. By invoking the dialogue, reconciliation and economic development in the whole, she said it would bring an end to violence, acrimony and miseries of people besides will send across the message of peace, coexistence and amity between India and Pakistan. Notwithstanding the challenges her government faces, Mehbooba expressed hope that the negativity would ultimately fade and such positive initiatives would take centre stage. Prior to such development, the state government had criticised the statements by several union ministers who had called for closure of cross LoC trade; even the remarks were strongly resented by people of the State. The significance and importance of cross border trade can be gauged by the delight of families who had been rendered apart by the divide that has been described by many as bloody line. Those having adopted the tough line on almost all matters related to neighbouring country should not get swayed by jingoism but see the issues through the prism of humanity and try to explore the positive aspects in matters like the one is discussion. The chief minister has exhibited maturity by dealing with the challenge in a way that rendered her opponents silent. She proved that connecting people is indeed her mission.