Srinagar, Feb 14 (GNS): Comptroller and Auditor General of India have found excess deployment of sweepers in 14 Urban Local Bodies, resulted in extra expenditure of Rs 31.02 crore on payment of wages.

“Against the norm of one post of Safai-Karamchari for 400 people, in 14 ULBs one Safai-Karamchari was deployed for population ranging between 50 to 397 and engagement of excess personnel has resulted in extra expenditure of Rs 31.02 crore on payment of wages,” it said in the report for March ending 2016.

“Audit also came across instances where the deployment of sweepers was not in proportion to ward. ‘There was short deployment in 23 wards of four test checked ULBs and excess deployment in 44 wards of five ULBs.”

The CAG said effective sanitation has not been achieved due to lack of adequate arrangements in the Urban Local Bodies (ULBs).

It said that there was a lack in compliance with regulatory provisions for collection, segregation, storage, transportation, processing and disposal of city wastes and non-completion or non-functioning of the solid waste management projects in the ULBs.

There are two municipal corporations, six municipal councils and seventy-two Municipal Committee in the state. “Due to weak recovery mechanism and lack of action against the defaulters, there was an outstanding amount of Rs 64.16 lakh from assents rented out by seven ULBs,” it according to GNS said.

Failure to conduct municipal elections after the expiry of the term of the elected members in 2010, the CAG said that the state government could not get the financial assistance of Rs 125.30 crore under the 14th Financial Award.

Regarding non-utilization of advertising contract and irregular use of advertising space has resulted in non-recovery of Rs 1.45 crore and loss of Rs 3.81 crore to the Jammu Municipal Corporation.

The CAG has also heighted that improper planning in taking up the construction work of the office complex by municipal committee Doda and failure to ensure its timely completion resulted in an unfruitful expenditure of Rs 39.39 lakh.

“Abandonment of construction of Community Centres Batote and Banihal resulted in the wasteful expenditure of Rs 24.60 lakh.” (GNS)