Srinagar, Oct 20: Inspector General of police Kashmir Munir Khan on Friday said that “nothing of sort” has emerged from investigation into alleged involvement of government forces into braid chopping incidents.
“Who is doing it and who are behind these acts, is to be seen. Separatists and some anti-national elements are attributing it to the security forces. But let me tell you and assure you that we investigated these incidents through these angles but nothing of the sort (come to fore),” Munir Khan, Inspector General of Police Kashmir Range, said.
He alleged that some “anti-national, anti-social elements and miscreants” were using the situation to their advantage.
“They want to create chaos. They want to vitiate peaceful atmosphere. They do not people to carry on with their business. They don’t want people to carry life comfortably. And top of it, this is an attempt to create fear psychosis and ensure that women folk are confined to four walls,” he said, adding, “It is being created through rumourmongers. So far 115 FIRs have been registered. Two cases have been closed unproven….one case was where maid chopped of hair and another was ‘psychic girl’s’ case.